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El Dinero Si Crece En Los Árboles: Guia Para Inversores Interesados En El Sector Forestal Boliviano

Posted By Administration, Friday, August 21, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

La Alianza Financiera para el Comercio Sostenible (Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade – FAST por su nombre y siglas en inglés) en colaboración con el programa La Alternativa Amazónica (The Amazon Alternative – TAA por su nombre y siglas en inglés) están implementado una estrategia de tres amos para mejorar el accesc al financiamento en el sector forestal sostenible y la industdria manufacturera de madera certificada FSC en Peru, Bolivia y Brasil. Esta guia es parte integral de esta estrtegia.

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Tags:  Environment  Latin America  sector publication  sustainability 

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Understanding the BoP from an Access to Opportunities Perspective

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute, Friday, August 21, 2015
Updated: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Understanding the BoP from an Access to Opportunities Perspective
May 2013

Understanding the BoP from an access to opportunities perspective. Creating enabling environments for BoP communities in Latin America.


Tags:  BOP  Latin America  sector publication 

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ANDE Brazil Impact Investing Conference

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Updated: Monday, June 8, 2015

ANDE Brazil chapter releases, in partnership with LGT VP, Quintessa Partners and University of St. Gallen, the most recent mapping about the Impact Investment sector in the country. A study conducted with various national and international investors that captures some data about capital and investments on the field as some trends and challenges for the sector evolvement in the country. 


O polo da ANDE no Brasil lançou, em parceria com LGT VP, Quintessa Partners e Universidade de St. Gallen, o mais recente mapeamento sobre o setor de Investimento de Impacto no país. Um estudo realizado com vários investidores nacionais e internacionais, que capta alguns dados sobre o capital e os investimentos realizados no campo, assim como algumas tendências e desafios para a evolução do setor no país. 

Download the publication here. 

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Tags:  ANDE publication  Brazil  impact investing  Latin America 

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Housing at the Base of the Pyramid in Brazil

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Updated: Monday, June 8, 2015

This report is based on the themes and messages discussed during the Business Opportunities in Housing for the Base of the Pyramid event held in São Paulo, Brazil on 2 September 2013. The event brought together between key actors developing housing solutions for low-income communities in Brazil. More than 70 members from the United Nations Development Programme in Brazil, city government, civil society, real estate developers, private-sector companies and investors attended this invite-only event, a collaborative effort between Business Call to Action (BCtA) and Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Brazil Chapter which enabled participating stakeholders to discuss challenges and solutions.

Download Publication here. 

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Tags:  ANDE publication  Base of the Pyramid  BoP  Brazil  impact investing  Latin America 

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Many Paths to a Home: Emerging Business Models for Latin America and the Caribbean's Base of the Pyramid

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The lack of adequate housing is a problem throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Almost 40 percent of families in the region live in a house beyond repair, have no title, or lack water, sewerage, electricity, adequate building materials, or space. It is estimated that by 2015, that number will increase by 10 percent. Only an investment of at least $310 billion will close the region's current housing gap, that is 7.8 percent of LAC's GDP. The demand for improved housing among the base of the pyramid (BOP) has been consistently strong and represents a relatively steady proportion of the overall income of this segment of the population. Yet the supply of innovative and tailored solutions continues to be limited. This report presents and analyzes promising business models that are enabling companies and other organizations to provide services and products to the BOP and in doing so help address the region's pressing housing deficit.

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Tags:  access to finance  Base of the Pyramid  BoP  Economic Growth  impact investing  Latin America  Sector publication 

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CIPE: Economic Inclusion: Leveraging Markets and Entrepreneurship to Extend Opportunity

Posted By Susannah Eastham, Aspen Institute, Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Economic inclusion refers to equality of opportunity for all members of society to participate in the economic life of their country as employers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and citizens. Fostering inclusion through active participation in the market economy involves increasing access to opportunity while generating additional economic growth. Effective strategies for inclusion engage under-represented groups in the design and implementation of policies and programs.

This article from the Center for International Private Enterprise illustrates ways to promote youth entrepreneurship and women’s entrepreneurship and to facilitate the inclusion of informal entrepreneurs in the formal economy.

Read the article here >>

Tags:  Economic Growth  Entrepreneurship  Global  Latin America  Middle-East  Poverty  Sector publication  West Africa  Women 

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Latin American Entrepreneurs: Many Firms but Little Innovation

Posted By Alexander Pan, Aspen Institute, Thursday, December 19, 2013

This report, published by the Word Bank, details the current state of entrepreneurship in Latin America and identifies salient trends and challenges in the field. The report outlines what needs to happen in order to create an enabling environment for innovative entrepreneurs in Latin America

The World Bank
December 2013

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Tags:  entrepreneurship  latin america  Sector publication  SGBs 

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A Business to Call Her Own - Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Aspen Institute - ANDE, Thursday, November 17, 2011
April 2010

This study provides an overview of the status of women’s businesses, focusing on microenterprises, which represent the majority of these businesses in the region. It presents key quantitative and qualitative data for six countries in Latin America: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. Through a series of case studies, it explores the differences between men’s and women’s businesses in these countries and the main barriers women face as they start and grow their businesses. Special emphasis is given to the role of access to financial services and to how the growth and development of the microfinance industry in Latin
America has supported women microentrepreneurs.

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  Access to Finance  Case Studies  Latin America  sector publication  SME  Women 

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Impact Evaluation of SME Programs in Latin America and Caribbean - The World Bank Group

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Aspen Institute - ANDE, Monday, November 14, 2011
January 2010

This report is the product of a research project rigorously evaluating the net impacts of participation in small and medium enterprise (SME) programs in four Latin American countries-Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The objective of the research was to determine which SME programs improve firm performance, and to gain insights into why some programs may be more effective than others.

To this end, the research team worked closely with national statistics offices in each of the four countries to develop firm-level panel data on program beneficiaries and a comparison group of non-program participants with similar firm attributes. The research team adopted a common analytic approach to ensure comparability of findings across countries. This drew upon methodologies
used in recent impact evaluation studies of SME programs in high income and developing countries (reviewed in Chapter 2) to address issues of selection bias from program participation. The analysis also extended evaluation methodologies in several new directions: to accommodate the presence of multiple treatment cohorts and participation in multiple SME programs, to estimate the effects over
time of impacts from program participation, and to test the sensitivity of impact estimates to firm exit.

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  Access to Finance  impact evaluation  Latin America  sector publication  SME 

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