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Expanding Financial Capability in Colombia

Posted By Administration, Monday, April 8, 2019
Updated: Friday, April 5, 2019

Expanding Financial Capability in Colombia
by Pablo Antón Díaz

This report describes the Center for Financial Inclusion's efforts to communicate best practices for developing financial education interventions to policymakers and practitioners via workshops in Colombia as well as an evaluation of the success
of their efforts. It also presents recommendations for further embedding behavioral insights into financial education programming so that practitioners and policymakers can deploy more effective interventions.

Read full report here. 

Tags:  financial education  financial inclusion  Latin America  Microfinance 

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Expanding Financial Capability in Colombia

Posted By Administration, Friday, February 1, 2019

 Expanding Financial Capability in Colombia

by the Center for Financial Inclusion, Accion

This report describes the processes and successes of workshops conducted by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI) with policymakers and practitioners in Colombia, as well as recommendations for replicating the workshops more broadly.  These trainings were intended to assist in Colombia’s efforts to more effectively increase financial capability in the country, and particularly highlight proven behavioral insights that differentiate the programs from the more traditional endeavors.

Tags:  2019  CFI publication  Colombia  financial inclusion 

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Impact Investing Sector Spotlight: Financial Inclusion and Fintech

Posted By Administration, Friday, November 30, 2018
Updated: Monday, December 3, 2018

Spotlight: Inclusão Financeira & Fintechs -Versão em português

Spotlight sobre Inclusão Financeira & Fintechs é o segundo da série de relatórios setoriais lançados pela ANDE.

Novo spotlight conta com o panorama local do setor. Analisamos os dados sobre o investimento de impacto no setor, extraídos da segunda edição do relatório “Panorama do Setor de Investimento de Impacto na América Latina”, publicado pela ANDE e LAVCA. Por fim, apresentamos o caso de um negócio do setor que recebeu investimento, concluindo com perspectivas e recomendações para o futuro.

Relatório mostra que as oportunidades para melhorar a inclusão financeira são abundantes no Brasil, considerando as necessidades da população de menor renda e as possibilidades oferecidas pelos avanços tecnológicos. Além disso, no lado dos investidores, sugere a necessidade de  investigar maneiras de oferecer capital com tickets menores, uma vez que a ampliação do tamanho dos investimentos ajudaria a fortalecer o pipeline de futuros investimentos. Assim como, os empreendedores precisam ficar atentos às necessidades e atitudes da população de menor renda para contemplar as três dimensões da inclusão financeira: o acesso, o uso e a qualidade.

Confira o relatório completo aqui.



Spotlight: Financial Inclusion & Fintechs - English version

The Spotlight on Financial Inclusion & Fintechs is the second in the series of sector reports launched by ANDE.

The new spotlight has the local panorama of the sector. We analyze the data on the impact investment in the sector, extracted from the second edition of the report "Overview of the Investment Sector of Impact in Latin America" published by ANDE and LAVCA. Finally, we present the case of a business that received investment, concluding with perspectives and recommendations for the future.

The report shows that opportunities to improve financial inclusion are plentiful in Brazil, considering the needs of the lower income population and the possibilities offered by technological advances. Moreover, on the investor side, it suggests the need to investigate ways to offer capital with smaller tickets, as expanding the size of investments would help strengthen the pipeline of future investments. Just as entrepreneurs need to be attentive to the needs and attitudes of the lower income population to address the three dimensions of financial inclusion: access, use, and quality.

Check out the full report here.

Tags:  ANDE publication  financial inclusion 


Financial Inclusion: Technology, Innovation, Progress

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Financial Inclusion: Technology, Innovation, Progress
by United Nations Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development

From innovative technology to increased engagement by the private sector, several exciting trends are propelling the world’s impressive gains in financial access, according to the newly released annual report from the UNSGSA. The report also details the many ways in which financial inclusion is driving progress on the development goals.

Despite this progress, however, gaps remain—most notably among women and the poor—and account usage lags behind access. The report details the UNSGSA’s ongoing efforts to address these issues through three key areas of work: ensuring usage and development impact, reaching neglected populations, and creating the right environment for technology-enabled financial inclusion. Read the full report.

Tags:  2018  development  financial inclusion  inclusive business  sector publication  technology 

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