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Investing for Impact: How social entrepreneurship is redefining the meaning of return

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute, Monday, February 6, 2012

Research Institute
Thought leadership from Credit Suisse Research and the world’s foremost experts

How social entrepreneurship is redefining the meaning of return

January 2012


Tags:  finance  Impact Investing  sector publication  Social entrepreneurship 

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Learning from Leaders in a Fast-Growing Field: Results from the first Dalberg Survey of Social Enterprise - Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Posted By Saurabh Lall, ANDE, Friday, December 16, 2011
December 2011

Social enterprise, once a poorly understood cousin of charities and non-governmental organizations, has become a mainstream part of the business sector around the world. Its growth is a validation of two central principles: 1) that it is possible to do well by doing good, and 2) that financial sustainability is the key to maximizing the social benefit of an organization. 

To help them on their way, this survey has collected both basic information and insights gained through experience from dozens of prominent social entrepreneurs. We placed particular emphasis on the factors underpinning their success and the challenges they currently faced, but we also encouraged them to proffer advice to social entrepreneurs entering the field for the first time. The questions were designed for brief and easy answers, but respondents were welcome to expand upon their answers and provide general commentary as well. A complete facsimile of the survey  is available online at under "Recent Publications.”

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Tags:  BoP  global  impact investing  sector publication  Social entrepreneurship 

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The Global Glass Ceiling

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute - ANDE, Monday, December 12, 2011

May/June 2010

Over the last several decades, it has become accepted wisdom that improving the status of women is one of the most critical levers of international development. When women are educated and can earn and control income, a number of good results follow: infant mortality declines, child health and nutrition improve, agricultural productivity rises, population growth slows, economies expand, and cycles of poverty are broken.

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Tags:  Development  Entrepreneurship  Global  impact investing  sector publication  Women 

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The Business of Empowering Women

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute - ANDE, Monday, December 12, 2011

January 2010

The business of empowering women presents a case for why and how the private sector should intensify its engagement in the economic empowerment of women in developing countries and emerging markets.

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Tags:  Entrepreneurship  Global  impact investing  sector publication  Women 

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Impact Investing: Challenges and Opportunities to Scale - Global Impact Investing Rating System

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Aspen Institute - ANDE, Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Summer 2011

25 GIIRS Pioneer Funds agreed to have 200 of their portfolio companies participate in the GIIRS World Beta and be the first to receive a GIIRS Fund Rating. The GIIRS Pioneers Funds manage $1.2 billion in assets deployed across 30 countries, including leading impact investors such as Acumen, E+Co and SEAF in emerging markets and Renewal Partners, RSF Social Finance and SustainVC in North America.

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Tags:  Dataset  impact investing  Market Sizing  sector publication 

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Alphamundi - Impact Finance Survey 2010

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Friday, October 21, 2011
October 2010

A survey of 62 financial institutions in the field of Impact Investing, with a particular focus on European institutions. According to Alphamundi, the survey findings have "helped shape policy changes in Luxembourg and provided private and institutional investors with a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by Impact Finance fund managers". 

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Tags:  Access to Finance  Dataset  financing mechanisms  Global  impact investing  sector publication  survey 

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Coordinating Impact Capital: A New Approach to Investing in Small and Growing Businesses - Santa Clara University, Center for Science, Technology and Society

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Published in July 2011

Note: This research document is a result of an ANDE-funded Capacity Development Fund grant.

This study by Santa Clara University’s Center for Science, Technology and Society (CSTS), finds the need to develop a more collaborative approach to deploying capital in the impact investing space. The majority of the 45 organizations surveyed in the report ‘Coordinating Impact Capital’ expressed an interest in linking with potential co-investors to lower the risk associated with funding small and growing businesses (SGBs) in developing countries.

The authors also find that nearly 60 percent of respondents used multiple investment vehicles (grants, loans, convertible notes and equity) and 50 percent employed local intermediary organizations when making debt investments. However, only 17 percent reported having used Capacity Development Organizations (CDOs) to help their enterprises build management and systems capacity, despite the potential benefits.

They recommend a syndicated approach of ‘phased investing’, in which two or more investors provide capital during different phases of an SGB’s development, to ensure a steady stream of capital to the enterprise. The authors also suggest that equity may not be the most effective funding instrument for the sector. Instead, the development of cash-flow based investment vehicles could improve the predictability of returns and drive more mainstream capital into impact investing.

The study was funded by the ANDE Capacity Development Fund 2010, and these findings present an opportunity for ANDE to play a greater role in coordinating the flow of impact capital and capacity development services to SGBs. The report also suggests potential areas of future research on the impact of SGBs on poverty and economic development, and identifying factors that lead to greater social outcomes.

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Tags:  Access to Finance  ANDE Members  Global  impact investing  sector publication 

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Data Driven: A Performance Analysis for the Impact Investing Industry - Global Impact Investing Network

Posted By Saurabh Lall, Friday, September 23, 2011
Published September 2011

IRIS is a universal language for social, environmental, and financial performance reporting. It was developed as a tool for the impact investing industry to improve transparency, increase the credibility of social and environmental performance data, and facilitate investment comparability and performance benchmarking.

This first report presents early findings from 2,394 organizations - including 1,931 microfinance institutions and 463 mission-driven organizations - that work with leading impact investment intermediaries. In addition to presenting early aggregated performance data, this report's objective is to drive widespread adoption of IRIS and to encourage impact investors, funds, and mission-driven organizations to strengthen future market intelligence by voluntarily contributing data for analysis through IRIS data collection partners.

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  Dataset  Global  impact investing  IRIS  Market Sizing  sector publication 

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