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Impact Investing in Africa: A Case Study on East Africa

Posted By Administration, Thursday, August 2, 2018

Impact Investing in Africa: A Case Study on East Africa
Dr. Jamie Van Leeuwen and Mr. Michael Feinberg
Wilson Center 

In this policy paper, Public Policy Fellow Jamie Van Leeuwen and Michael Feinberg analyze the case study of Staffable, a social impact company in Kampala, Uganda and their approach to measuring the efficacy of social impact. They provide policy recommendations on how philanthropists, investors, and non-governmental organizations can standardize performance metrics to measure social impact investing, as well as recommend investments in workforce development in order to reduce dependency. 

Read the full report.

Tags:  Africa  east africa  impact investing  social impact 

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Pulse of Impact Management

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 11, 2017
Updated: Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Pulse of Impact Management:
Current Uses of and Trends in Social and Environmental Impact Measurement in Investing

by the Middlebury Institute’s Center for Social Impact Learning in partnership with SVT Group

The Middlebury Institute’s Center for Social Impact Learning in partnership with SVT Group report offers a shortcut to practical information about how impact investors are tracking and reporting their social and environmental impact today. The report also includes advice from impact investors to those new to the field, and summarizes the history of impact investing, key terms and concepts in impact measurement, and trends, and provides a practical guide to the most relevant publications. 

Download the case study here.

Tags:  environmental impact  impact investing  impact investment  impact measurement  sector publication  Sector Trends  social impact 

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More than Measurement

Posted By Administration, Thursday, November 10, 2016

More than Measurement: A Practitioner's Journey to Impact Management 

By Bridges Impact+ and Skopos Impact Fund 

More than Measurement is a new report by Bridges Impact+ and Skopos Impact Fund.

It describes our development of an ‘impact management’ approach – which we define as the management of assets in order to meet explicit impact goals (alongside financial goals).

This paper has catalysed a global effort to develop a shared convention for describing impact goals, in a way that can inform portfolio construction.

In traditional asset management, we have developed a shared convention (risk, return, liquidity – and asset classes, as a shorthand) to describe, align and manage against our respective financial goals. However, the same is not yet true within impact investment.

Over the last decade, there has been an industry push to improve impact measurement. Better measurement is essential, but we found it is most meaningful when you have spent time thinking about what success looks like from the start.

Tags:  impact investing  impact measurement  social impact 

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Driving Corporate Growth Through Social Impact

Posted By Administration, Thursday, February 11, 2016

Driving Corporate Growth Through Social Impact:
Four corporate archetypes to maximize your social impact

By Deloitte

There has been a noticeable shift in the past 10 years in the way that public companies think about the social impact of their businesses as a strategic driver of value. Deloitte recently examined the social impact practices of the 2014 Fortune 500 global public companies. They observed four archetypes that companies typically fall into, which reflect social impact trends and how companies
stack up against competitors

Tags:  Corporate Responsibility  social impact 

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Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"In a world where government resources and charitable donations are insufficient to address the world’s social problems, impact investing offers a new alternative for channeling large-scale private capital for social benefit. With increasing numbers of investors rejecting the notion that they face a binary choice between investing for maximum risk-adjusted returns or donating for social purpose, the impact investment market is now at a significant turning point as it enters the mainstream. In this work, we argue that impact investments are emerging as an alternative asset class. As such, we analyze the questions one would ask when adding impact investments to an investment portfolio."

Download Publication >>

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Tags:  capital  impact investing  Sector publication  social impact 

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Impact Investing 2.0

Posted By Alexander Pan, Aspen Institute, Friday, November 8, 2013

With lead funding from the Omidyar Network, InSight at Pacific Community Ventures, CASE at Duke and ImpactAssets have been working for over two years to examine the practices of 12 outstanding impact investing funds, culled from an initial list of 350. On November 7, at the World Economic Forum in New York, the new report Impact Investing 2.0 was released. The funds represent over $1.3 billion of assets; a rich and diverse cross-section of the field that, taken together, proves that concurrently delivering significant social impacts and financial returns that meet or exceed investor expectations is not only possible, but is being done at significant scale. For more information, please click here

Impact Investing 2.0
October, 2013 

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  finance  impact investing  sector publication  social impact 

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Nicolás Cock el emprendedor de Ecoflora

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute, Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Funded by ANDE's Capacity Development Fund

Nicolás Cock el emprendedor de Ecoflora

A case study on a Colombian SGBs from the New Ventures portfolio. ECOFLORA is a company that sells personal care products and household supplies developed from Colombian biodiversity and is an excellent example of an SGB with high economic, social and environmental impacts.

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  CDF Grant  colombia  environmental impact  sector publication  SGBs  social impact 

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Building a Healthy & Sustainable Social Impact Bond Market: The Investor Landscape

Posted By Stella Hanly, Aspen Institute, Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Building a Healthy & Sustainable Social Impact Bond Market: The Investor Landscape
This report, produced by Godeke Consulting and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, explores the landscape of potential social impact bond (SIB) investors to determine how to build a sustainable market for SIBs that can leverage capital from a diverse set of investors to deliver better social outcomes to poor and vulnerable people. Researchers spoke with more than ninety investors and other stakeholders over an eight-month period of time, and have highlighted distinct investor insights that can inform the systems and structures needed to build a healthy market to finance SIBs.

Tags:  impact investing  investors  sector publication  social impact 

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