Gender-Smart Investing Capacity Building Facility

Building the next generation of gender-smart investors and SGBs in developing economies. 

About the Facility

Recognizing roadblocks that investors and SGBs often face in prioritizing gender considerations in investment processes and business models, this facility aims to help investors build the technical know-how to incorporate gender into their investment thesis and process and help priority pipeline SGBs make gender-smart business decisions to lower risks and heighten profits. 

In partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the ANDE Gender-Smart Investing Capacity Building Facility will award five grants of up to USD $30,000 for  gender-smart investing capacity building services to investors who will support 1-3 SGBs in India, Brazil, or the East and Southeast Asia, Andean, or Eastern African regions. 

On the supply side, this fund targets investors who are committed to advancing gender equality through their investments yet lacking the technical know-how. Applicants must be willing to share lessons learned and results of the capacity building program with ANDE and the wider SGB sector. 

On the demand side, this fund targets SGBs which are committed to advancing gender equality via their business model and operations yet lacking the technical-know how. Target SGBs also have the capacity to work with a gender-smart capacity development provider for 3-12 months. 

2021 Funding Opportunity

Qualified investor applicants must demonstrate a commitment to gender equality, the capacity to carry out a capacity building program, and a willingness to learn and return insights to the wider SGB sector. Investor applicants must match funds based on a sliding scale determined by assets under management. Applicant teams must involve a third-party capacity development provider if the investor applicant does not provide such services (e.g. targeted mentoring; training based on women’s needs assessment, etc) in house. If applicants do not yet have an identified provider, they may turn to the Gender-Smart Capacity Builder Directory.

Interested applicants must submit an expression of interest by September 30, 2021. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview. Applicants may send questions to with reference to “ANDE Gender-Smart Investing Capacity Building Facility”. 

Application Resources :

Gender Smart Capacity Building Directory 

  • ANDE has assembled a gender-smart capacity builder directory to catalogue institutions and individuals that help entrepreneurs or the investors, accelerators, and incubators that support them strengthen internal or external gender practices, theses, and strategies.  
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