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Last updated on 18 Jun 2021
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StartHub Academy: University entrepreneurship movement (currently 10 UG universities partnering): We build entrepreneurship student clubs for exchange, have semesterly action-oriented startup programs to help students get ideas off the ground, trend seminars, ideation workshops, and other activities. We build spaces of practical learning around entrepreneurship and innovation and are on the journey to making our course modules and programs a systemic part of university structures in scale to address the issue of a lacking pipeline at the root. StartHub Catalyzer: Since 2019, experimented and developed a concept for a need-based incubation program addressing the biggest challenges that student ventures from our programs faced: 1. Lack of know-how what to focus on & of a startup journey ahead (weekly 1-on-1 expert guidance done in-house) 2. Need for knowledge about building a startup (content and learning curation, building it out on an online learning platform) 3. Investment (we invest 1000$ in super earl stage founder teams that receive the guidance & make subsequent investor connections) Currently 9 startups on board. Consultancy: We work with the development sector and Ugandan corporates on product development, innovation and Design Thinking trainings, etc.