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The ANDE chapter in India works to create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and deepen ANDE’s role as the leading convener for organizations committed to supporting entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The chapter does this by strengthening the local network, encouraging collaboration, and co-developing programs and services for and with our members and the sector at large. Of the 130 member organizations working in the region, 11 are headquartered in India.

For more information about ANDE in India, contact Devyani Singh or Sucharita Kamath.

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The ANDE India Chapter hosts chapter meetings, dinners, and happy hours to provide time for members and non-members to network, learn, discuss experiences, and share best practices and insights to build an overall sense of community and collaboration.

ANDE and The Lemelson Foundation have previously held a series of round-tables on green inventing in Brazil, India, Kenya, Mexico, and South Africa. As a result, ANDE produced a report that compiles the findings from these discussions to understand ecosystem gaps that stymie the growth of invention-based enterprises in emerging markets.

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ANDE India in the News
Finding More Investment Support for Gender-Diverse Founding Teams (Stanford Social Innovation Review):  
Women co-run businesses are outperforming their male-only counterparts, but not enough investors are betting on them. Here’s what we can do to support representative entrepreneurial ecosystems and how an India-based investor is pointing the way.

Key Insights from the landscape study of accelerators and incubators in India by the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (YourStory): Coverage of ANDE India chapter's study, which used GALI’s Global Accelerator Survey to add clarity to the profile of accelerators and incubators in India – their structure, objectives, goals, funding, and the financial and non-financial support that they offer.

How Poop is Becoming Big Business for Small Businesses (ImpactAlpha): How entrepreneurs are improving sanitation in India featuring ANDE members Enviu, Ennovent, Toilet Board Coalition, and Water for People.


Accelerator Research: To address the gap in data about the effectiveness of accelerators, Emory University and ANDE launched the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI) in 2015. GALI works with accelerator programs globally to collect and analyze data describing the entrepreneurs that they attract and support. The India chapter used the Global Accelerator Survey to understand the landscape of Indian accelerators and incubators and to increase regional representation in the global initiative. Click here to see the report. 

In June 2018, the ANDE India Chapter and GALI published a report to increase understanding of acceleration and early-stage ventures in India. This data summary includes information from 1,214 ventures operating in India, contributed by 26 accelerators.

The India chapter has worked with Ennovent and the British Council to produce research on the state of social businesses in India. 

Ecosystem Mapping: The India chapter is currently exploring an initiative to produce a collection of city-specific mapping projects that identify who is working to support entrepreneurship in the region, where the gaps are for supporting entrepreneurs, and what opportunities may exist to close those gaps.

We see our research efforts going hand in hand with our ability to build our advocacy profile in the region and globally.


The India chapter convenes member-only chapter meetings and webinars around the theme of metrics and evaluation. In these discussions, ANDE members like Acumen, Vera Solutions, and Samhita Social ventures have spoken about challenges and best practices in metrics and data measurement for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India covering IRIS, Lean Data, and a gamut of data collection and measurement tools.

ANDE has developed a core set of metrics to track the development of the small and growing businesses (SGB) sector based on IRIS and support members in adopting a common language to measure their impact and performance.


The India chapter hosted the Investment Manager Training in September 2016 in Bangalore with Bob Webster (Managing Director at Small Enterprise Assistance Funds - SEAF) as the instructor. ANDE’s Investment Manager Training course is the only course of its kind that provides a comprehensive overview of investing in SGBs. ANDE hosts the course in two different locations every year in an effort to bring the training program closer to its members all around the world.  

ANDE also hosts the Orientation Training geared towards new hires, summer associates, and those new to the sector.


To drive greater resources to organizations supporting SGBs in the developing world, and to ensure ANDE member expertise is leveraged efficiently, ANDE provides several funding resources and opportunities to its members and non-members. These opportunities are designed to foster collaborative projects that further the cause of the SGB ecosystem. The funding opportunities include the Catalyst Fund, the Argidus-ANDE Finance Challenge, and the Argidius-ANDE Talent Challenge.

ANDE also sends out a monthly fundraising bulletin to members to keep them abreast of funding opportunities and best practices globally.




Click here to see a map of ANDE Members working in India.


Steering Committee: The Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss key aspects concerning the Chapter's performance and strategy. They provide support to the Chapter’s success and support the operation in various activities. The operations of the Chapter are led by Devyani Singh.

 ANDE India Chapter Steering Committee Members:

Regional Chapter Manager, India: Sucharita Kamath

Sucharita joined  ANDE in September 2017 as India Chapter Manager. She brings with her more than two decades of experience spanning the social  enterprise, IT, non- profit and consulting industries including various senior management roles in consulting, program & project management, social enterprise management, training, and facilitation.  She is a “Chennai girl,” and when work and her son’s national sailing commitments leave her spare time, she likes to spend time outdoors trekking, sailing, and traveling the world. A people person through and through, she has a passion for doing her bit to make the world a better place and sees social entrepreneurship as a means to this end. All that she does is driven by the belief that where there is a will there is a way! Sucharita has a Masters in Business Administration from the SAID Business School, Oxford and a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Systems from the Florida Institute of Technology.


Senior Program Coordinator, India: Devyani Singh

Devyani joined ANDE in 2016 as a Program Coordinator based in India. Her past work spans across impact consulting, research, and monitoring and evaluation. Prior to joining ANDE, she was at Ennovent, leading a nationwide social enterprise survey and has worked with the Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) on urban sanitation and education technology related research in rural India.

She is interested in the interaction between public policy, technology, and social innovation, holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics, and is a StartingBloc Fellow.