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Research & Impact Assessment

Research and impact assessment at ANDE focuses on understanding how SGBs create economic, environmental, and social benefits, assessing the best ways to support SGBs, and highlighting trends and needs for the sector.  

We help members by supporting their efforts to measure performance and evaluate impact, and by sharing knowledge about what works.

We support the development and growth of the SGB sector through elevating the evidence base as well as conducting original research.

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Research & Impact Member Benefits

ANDE members can access support and resources to further their own impact assessment and research efforts. 

Impact Measurement Support

Access one-on-one support from ANDE staff to guide your measurement approach.  Our team can connect you to members and other experts, help you understand current practices in the network, and offer general advice on methodology.

Send your metrics for an IRIS alignment.  ANDE provides members with a personalized, metric-by-metric assessment of the best way to align with this common standard.  

Join the Metrics & Research Learning Lab and take a look at related learning labss in our Brazil, East Africa, and South Africa chapters to stay up-to-date on measurement tools, methodologies, and other trends in impact assessment.

Attend the Metrics Conference to connect face-to-face with your peers and discuss common challenges and solutions in impact measurement.

Just getting started with impact measurement? Our metrics resources page provides an overview of the landscape.  


Research Support

Our team can provide support at all stages of your research project.

Plan. When you discuss your research plans with us we will share related publications and known projects underway. We can also connect you directly with others who have done similar research.

Review. We can review your survey instrument or methodology before you begin in addition to reviewing a draft of your findings.

Disseminate. Once your research has been published, we can disseminate it to ANDE's broader network through newsletters, webinars, or convenings, in addition to adding it to our publications library.


Data on the Sector

If you have a question about the small and growing business sector, we may be able to provide tailored analysis of our proprietary datasets and recommend relevant public data sources to fit your needs.