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Gender Lens Impact Measurement Fund

In 2018, ANDE, in partnership with Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) will launch the Gender Lens Impact Measurement Fund, which will support collaborations between SGB sector practitioners and researchers.


Read the Request for Proposals


These grants will build capacity, drive experimentation, and jump-start impact measurement with a focus on gender inclusion and equality. The fund seeks to enhance the rigor and quality of impact measurement practices in the sector, in order for SGBs to better manage their impact around gender inclusion.


ANDE will disburse $150,000 to 4-6 projects, with the goal of building capacity among intermediaries, SGBs, and researchers to measure impact with a gender lens.   


This fund will prioritize projects that:

  • Bring a gender lens to impact measurement and focus on issues related to the impact of SGBs on women in Latin America; 
  • Build capacity of practitioners to measure impact. Rather than one-off impact assessments, these projects will leave practitioners with the skills, frameworks, and tools they need to measure and manage impact in the future; 
  • Foster collaborations between researchers (prioritizing academics, but also including consultants, evaluators or other technical measurement experts) and practitioners (including SGBs, social enterprises, benefit corporations, or impact intermediaries); 
  • Focus on the inclusion of women participants in the development of tools designed to serve them; 
  • Create learning or insight to be shared with the broader sector, including tools that can be used in universities for teaching and research; 
  • These projects will likely not include long-term evaluations with an experimental design, but rather be structured to build rapid feedback loops. 

Note: while the focus is on Latin America, the fund also seeks to foster south-south learning and comparative projects including Latin America and Africa will be accepted.


Submissions are due October 6, 2018.  Read more in the full Request for Proposals


Matching Researchers and Practitioners:

ANDE and the IDRC would like to actively support matchmaking between interested practitioners and academics.  Finding the right partner, where incentives, expertise, and goals are aligned, can be challenging, and this support is designed to speed up that matchmaking process.


In addition, we encourage ANDE members to participate in our in-person convenings to identify potential partners.  If you are an ANDE member, please get in touch with to learn more. 


On July 31, ANDE hosted a webinar to answer questions about the fund.

Click here to watch the recording.

Click here to download the presentation.

Click here to see the full list of questions asked during the Q&A session. 


Gender Lens Resources:

This fund is not designed to only support organizations that already take a gender lens approach to measurement. Rather, it is designed to support increased awareness of existing approaches, testing of new approaches, and to build the capacity of practitioners who are interested in experimenting.   Stay tuned for a set of resources and FAQ page.