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ANDE India Women Entrepreneurship Resource Compendium

About the compendium

The compendium of women entrepreneurship resources is an effort under the ANDE India Chapter’s Women Entrepreneurship Learning Lab, that seeks to curate key public resources focused on women entrepreneurship and SGBs. Particular focus has been given to those resources pertaining to India, and while efforts have been made to maintain an SGB focus, other relevant knowledge assets with applicable insights the ecosystem can leverage on, have been included. Although we have attempted to make this as up to date and comprehensive as possible, we acknowledge the possibility of the compendium not being fully exhaustive. 


Why put this together?

Well, we listened to our members – this was a top ask and we aim to deliver. This compendium is meant to act as an initial reference for stakeholders in the sector looking to broadly understand the public resources available related to women entrepreneurship in India, collated in one place. By acting as a one stop repository guiding readers to resources all over the web, under common categories, with individual descriptions and takeaways, there is significant savings in terms of time and effort. 


Based on our experience and research, we have categorised the resources under 4 topics, namely Finance, Talent, Metrics & General. Click on the respective category headings to access the related resources.

  • Access to finance remains a significant barrier for women entrepreneurs, both on the supply and demand side.
  • Gender Lens Investing is important not only from a social standpoint, but also drives economic growth. 
  • Building an evidence base and data collection is crucial to build the case for investing in women. 
  • Providing business training and developing leadership and management skills are important to improve the functioning of women-led enterprises. 
  • Beyond entrepreneurship, it is important to develop female talent and a pipeline of women leaders within organisations. 
  • Better metrics and solutions for women led SGBs, including definitions, with indicators of women SGB leadership and entrepreneurial roles in diversity dominated contexts like India, are important to develop.
  • It is important to collect sex disaggregated data to understand the impact of gender inclusive strategies.
  • It is possible to collect sex/gender disaggregated insights in a cost-effective way.
  • Toolkits must be nuanced towards individual scenarios, and will be a work in progress. 
  • Progress has been slow in India with respect to gender equality, with India ranking 112th (out of 153) in the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Index, and ranking 52nd (out of 58) in the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs.
  • Social barriers persist in having a significant impact on the gender gap, as noted across various resources.
  • Developing women entrepreneurship networks was a common point recommended across literature to improve status quo. 

Has your organization recently published a knowledge document that is relevant to the compendium? Contact Saipriya Salla if interested in sharing! 

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Page last updated as of April 15, 2020.