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Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative

UEEI Phase I

The environment in which entrepreneurs operate is made up of multiple factors, including physical assets, human and financial assets, government policies, networks, and the underlying business culture. Together, these factors make up an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The strength of entrepreneurial ecosystems often varies widely within a nation or a state as the assets, networks, and culture can differ significantly from one metro area to another. The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) believes that entrepreneurship programs are most effective if they embrace an ecosystem approach in their design and implementation.

With funding from the Argidius Foundation, the Dutch Good Growth Fund, and the Small Foundation, and with support from the Shell Foundation, Swiss Development Corporation, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ANDE is excited to launch this Initiative. 

The Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative is a two-phased process:

  1. The first phase, launched on 7 March, 2018, was an investigation and planning phase, with a consultant developing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kampala and one other Ugandan region.  Based on this assessment and further input from key Ugandan stakeholders, the consultant is developing a five-year strategy to improve entrepreneurial ecosystems in each of the regions. 

    After a comprehensive selection process, a consortium led by the Centre for Development Alternatives, a Uganda-based consultancy, was selected as the implementing partner for Phase I, a diagnostic assessment of the entrepreneurial ecosystems around two metro areas: Gulu and Kampala. Other members of the consortia are Enterprise Uganda and Koltai & Company. The first
     phase has been completed and a report detailing the findings and recommendations was released in December 2018.

Read the Phase I Report Now! 

   Watch the report findings webinar. 


In July 2020, UEEI Phase II launched with funding support from Argidius Foundation and Small Foundation.This is a multiyear, multi-stakeholder initiative that will address most of the binding constraints that were identified in UEEI Phase I. The aim is to catalyze thriving, self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems in Kampala and Gulu. Join us for a virtual launch on the 25th of August.

Watch the UEEI launch webinar.


UEEI Phase II is built upon iterative four pillars:
  • Convene: Leveraging the UEEI Phase I findings, UEEI Phase II will convene Gulu and Kampala entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders to identify common interests and collaboration opportunities to build a shared vision around bolstering entrepreneurship in the two ecosystems.
  • Design: Building on shared experiences, stakeholders will be invited to co-design initiatives to address the most binding constraints on the entry and growth of SGBs that create quality jobs at scale.We will seek to align collective efforts of many stakeholders, not dictate specific efforts.
  • Fund: UEEI phase II will drive catalytic financial support to kickstart new efforts or strengthen ongoing initiatives. It will leverage funding to support collaborative and sustained action rather than one-off projects. Further it will encourage a full range of financial actors – investors, banks, government, philanthropic organizations—to participate in the initiative with both their insight and capital.
  • Learn:Throughout the initiative, UEEI will facilitate learning and adoption of best practice in the Small and Growing Business (SGB) sector in Uganda by curating and disseminating lessons from the Uganda initiatives and successful efforts in other emerging market countries.

What we do:

  • Host regular convenings to build trust and facilitate knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders in Gulu and Kampala entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Facilitate connections with other stakeholders in Gulu and Kampala entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  • Curate and disseminate lessons from the initiative through a quarterly newsletter and reports. Sign up to be added to our mailing list.
  • Provide opportunities to fund new or strengthen existing initiatives in Kampala and Gulu entrepreneurial ecosystems


Ronald Edward Mukasa, Director Uganda Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Initiative (UEEI)

Ronald is a business development professional who is passionate about helping businesses to achieve their full potential.

Ronald is a certified public accountant (CPA)/FCCA and a lecturer at MAT-ABACUS Uganda. He holds a Masters Degree in Development Management (London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE) and a Bachelors of Statistics (Makerere University). He also previously worked as an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers Uganda.



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