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This study demonstrates how investors can begin comparing investments based on impact, not only highlighting impact performance across this sample of investments but also exploring investors’ contribution to that impact in terms of the progress so far in tackling climate change. Fundamentally, this research is intended to cultivate the suite of impact analytic tools to come, such as impact performance benchmarks, ratings, and indices. Its specific findings highlight the tremendous need for further research to enhance the industry’s insights into impact performance and its drivers, enabling evidence-based decision-making. Ultimately, through this research and related efforts, the GIIN seeks to enable investors to optimize for impact at each stage of the investment process, accelerating progress toward global goals.

November 1, 2021

In September 2021, The Lemelson Foundation and ANDE partnered to produce a new report, Climate Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies: Funder Perspectives on Approaches, Challenges, and Opportunities. In an exclusive interview following this publication, Executive Director Rob Schneider, Program Officer Maggie Flanagan, and Communications Officer Pam Kahl share more insights and calls to action for other funders. As the world gathers for COP26, this is particularly important.


As investors with experience in gender lens investing (GLI), our peers often ask us for information on how to start their GLI journey. Many useful resources are available to do this. However, this brief addresses a gap in information on the tools and approaches used to design and implement gender-smart technical assistance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve their social and financial performance. We also share our reflections from our collective experience to date.