Staff Member
Bruno Peixinho
Brazil Senior Program Coordinator

Bruno joined ANDE in July 2021 as Brazil Senior Program Coordinator. Avid multifaceted professional. Strong analytical skills (civil engineer) combined with a holistic thinking. An expert in the fields of water and sustainable development bringing the interaction of ecological, technological and social systems. He holds a Master´s degree in Water Management and Governance from IHE Delft, the Netherlands.   

He is passionate about identifying new business opportunities and leading multi-disciplinary iniciatives towards project realizationThroughout his professional career Bruno has worked in multiple projects in Europe, Asia and South America.   

Recently, Bruno collaborated on the UNESCO Governance project in Brasília (Brazil) between 2018 and 2019 and worked as a consultant for a sustainable management model for small rural decentralized water systems in developing countries: Central/Sisar. His current interests are innovative finance, fundraising and partnerships and climate entrepreneurship in emerging market economies.